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Graduation work



Set design:


Léa Mazy

Baptiste Comte

Léa Mazy

The modern way of living with water is an illusion.


While celebrating modern comfort, the system of hidden water pipes has contributed to the feeling and perception of a limitless, dematerialized and invisible resource. 

Yet aware of its scarcity, we face everyday the complex paradox of a limited resource in unlimited access. Challenging the way we perceive and interact with water in our homes, this alternative system questions the standards of modern water access with a strong focus on visible amounts and gestures. Bonding with water through gestural measurement based on pumping, as well as through visual estimation could encourage a much clearer understanding and sensory experience of our interactions with water. And therefore a greater responsive use.


Graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven

Finalist of the Change Maker Challenge

Awarded by the Dopper Foundation

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